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Short Introduction

The collection of historical scientific instruments contains objects which document the history of science at Yale University from 1730 to 1970. The collection particularly specializes in 19th century physics apparatus but also contains several unique pieces from the other sciences including psychology, chemistry and geology.

In terms of Muybridge material, the collection of historical scientific instruments at the Yale Peabody Museum has four paper zoetrope strips printed on both sides. The four strips contain the following images:

"Horse Ambling (single foot)" (12 frames)
"Deer Running" (12 frames)
“Hound Running” (12 frames)
“Horse Trotting” (15 frames)
“Horse Leaping” (14 frames)
“Horse Walking” (12 frames)

Rights & Reproduction Information

The Peabody Museum of Natural History makes available images, text and data on the Museum and its collections to scholars, students and the general public. Any use of Peabody Museum images, text and data is governed by the conditions printed on the Museum’s Permission Request and Agreement Form. Fees, including research fees, may be charged by the Museum depending on the extent of the services provided, the rights required, and the nature of use.

Please email the lead contact for further details.

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Photographic Material

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Other: 4

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Division of Historical Scientific Instruments
The Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University
170 Whitney Ave, New Haven CT 06511

Phone: +1 203 737 3084

Website: www.peabody.yale.edu

Email: peabody.collections@yale.edu

Lead Contact:
Shae Trewin: Historical Scientific Instruments(shae.trewin@yale.edu)

Open Hours:
Monday through Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday Noon to 5pm

Accessibility of Muybridge Collections to Public:
Please contact collection manager of Historical Scientific Instruments Collection at 203 737 3084 for an appointment.