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Short Introduction

The Green Library Green Library houses a nearly 3-million-volume research collection in the social sciences and humanities, including area studies, interdisciplinary fields and government documents.

The Stanford library service has a wide range of books on Muybridge, his images and related material including manuscripts and musical compositions inspired by Muybridge's work, Details are accessible via the 'Socrates' search facility which lists some 57 separate items within an overall list of over 70.

The holdings include "39 prints". These prints are described as:

1) Vertical steam pumps, stereo

2) 15 stereos from "Pacific Coast Series," including Pigeon Point, New Years Island, Pescadero's Pebble Beach, and Pescadero

3) 1 stereo San Francisco City Hall cornerstone laying, 1872. Also includes a stereo by Thomas Houseworth of White Sulphur Springs

4) 3 prints of the James M. Rogers residence, Watsonville, CA [1879].

5) 2 prints of San Francisco, ca. 1875. 6-10.

6) 18 prints of a San Francisco Peninsula estate.

For details on the Muybridge collection please contact the University Archivist Aimee Morgan.

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Collection Items:

Photographic Material

Prints: 39

Images on Glass: Various


Books by Muybridge: 11

Books concerning Muybridge: 29

Exhibition Material

Catalogues: 1

Unpublished paper & documents

Research notes: 7


Other: 7

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Accessibility of Muybridge Collections to Public:
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