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The Royal Institution holds 10 prints donated by Muybridge in June 1882. 1 shows his Californian studio and 9 show movement of animals and athletes. These are a combination of silhouettes and proper photographic images.
In addition, there are 4 printed sequences for a zoetrope and 1 book: "Descriptive Zoopraxography", donated by Muybridge in 1893.

Furthermore, the Institution holds records pertaining to a paper given by Muybridge at an extra discourse – 13 March 1882 - chaired by the Prince of Wales (Proceedings of the Royal Institution vol X p44. ). A 'Syllabus' for a course of 2 lectures given by Muybridge in May 1889, as well as ephemera related to those lectures, are also held.

Rights & Reproduction Information

For items within copyright, permission must be sought from the copyright holder. Reproductions of material where the RI holds copyright or reproduction rights can be purchased through Bridgeman Art Library or through the Science Photo Library. None currently relating to Muybridge.
Copies of archive material can be made for personal research on request. Copies can only be made by the Collections team, there is a charge attached to this service. More Information

Collection Items:

Photographic Material

Prints: 10


Books by Muybridge: 1

Articles: 1

Other: 1


Other: 4


Other: 2

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