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Short Introduction

'The Napa County Historical Society is a research, archival and educational organisation dedicated to the discovery, preservation and presentation of the people and history of Napa County, and its place in California History.'

Muybridge collection includes original court documents and Trial materials (People vs. E. J. Muybridge) including: assorted documents pertaining to the trial and acquittal of Edward J. Muybridge in the 7th District Court of County of Napa, 1874-1875, original “not guilty” jury acquittal, original letters, various subpoenas.

Past Exhibitions

2008 - Crime and Criminals Exhibition at Napa County Historical Society

Rights & Reproduction Information

Rights and Reproductions apply to photographs only: $10/per photo scan + $50 reproduction right fee if publishing photo. Email for more information. More Information

Collection Items:

Unpublished paper & documents

Correspondence: Various

Letters: Various

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Napa County Historical Society,
1219 First Street,
Napa CA 94559, USA

Phone: +1 707-224-1739

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Lead Contact:
Jules Evans-White, Research and Volunteer Coordinator(

Open Hours:
The research library is open Tuesday-Thursday 12-4pm
The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday 12-4pm

Accessibility of Muybridge Collections to Public:
Research library is open 12-4pm, no appointment necessary. Saturday by appointment only.