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Short Introduction

'The DAC collection chiefly consists of works of art on paper, including some 18,000 prints and 6,000 photographs.

The collection is cataloged in a database which is accessible on museum premises. The DAC is currently working on a migration to a new collections database management system that will export data to the museum website. After the new system becomes operational, this site will support online searches of museum holdings. The DAC also has a Print Reference Library.'

The Muybridge Collection here consists of 4 collotypes from Animal Locomotion - Plates 155, 586, 621, and 695.

Past Exhibitions

Muybridge included in various survey exhibitions from the collection.

Rights & Reproduction Information

Contact Curator Clare Rogan at crogan@wesleyan.edu when requesting material.

Online Presence

Overview of collection

Collection Items:

Photographic Material

Prints: 4

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301 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459, USA

Phone: +1 (860) 685-2500

Website: http://www.wesleyan.edu/dac

Email: crogan@wesleyan.edu

Lead Contact:
Clare Rogan, Curator(crogan@wesleyan.edu)

Open Hours:
Collection open by appointment Monday to Friday; Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday, noon-4:00 pm, during academic year. Closed academic vacations.

Accessibility of Muybridge Collections to Public:
Study of Muybridge photographs by apppointment only