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Short Introduction

The Addison Gallery of American Art is an academic museum attached to the Phillips Academy in Massachusetts.

Highlights from the Muybridge collection include copies of 'Attitudes of Animals in Motion', 'Animal Locomotion' and 'Descriptive Zoopraxography' from 1881, 1887 and 1893 respectively; as well as an 11 piece 'San Francisco Panorama' from 1877.

Past Exhibitions

Looking at America: Photographs from the Collection, 1850-1980, 05/08/81, 06/14/81

Eadweard Muybridge: Motion Studies, 10/10/87, 12/13/87

Image and Publication: the photographic book in the nineteenth century, 05/05/89, 06/18/89

American Photography from the Permanent Collection in Celebration of the 50th An, 10/13/89, 12/18/89

LOCOMOTION, 12/13/89, 05/06/90

The American City, 01/18/91, 03/10/91

Motion and Document - Sequence and Time: Eadweard Muybridge and Contemporary Ame, 06/28/91, 12/12/93

Point of View: Landscapes from the Addison Collection, 10/16/92, 12/20/92

The Dog Show: Canines from the Collection, 09/01/94, 12/09/94

Addison Gallery of American Art: 65 Years, 04/13/96, 07/31/96

Walker Hancock, 01/06/97, 02/08/97

The Serial Attitude, 09/20/97, 08/08/98

Sculpture in Context, 04/17/99, 07/31/99

Foundations: Building the Addison Collection, 01/12/01, 04/01/01

The American Land: Selections from the Addison Collection, 01/19/01, 04/08/01

The Sport of Art, 10/28/01, 12/13/01

A Thousand Hounds: A Walk With Dogs Through the History of Photography, 01/17/02, 06/30/02

Figure/Space: Selected Works from the Addison, 09/03/02, 12/29/02

Physical Presence: Photographs from the Collection, 01/16/04, 03/21/04

Games for the Gods: The Greek Athlete and the Olympic Spirit, 07/20/04, 11/28/04

Laying Claim: Nineteenth Century Views of the American West, 03/25/05, 05/20/05

Moving Pictures: American Art and Early Film, 1890-1910, 07/16/05, 05/20/07

In Focus: 75 Years of Collecting American Photography, 04/28/06, 07/31/06

Landscape: Fact and Fiction, 01/16/07, 03/02/07

Helios: Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change, 04/10/10, 06/07/11

Rights & Reproduction Information

'Permission is granted only to the extent of the Addison Gallery of American Art's ownership of the rights relating to the request. Certain works may be protected by copyright, trademark, or related interests not owned by the Addison Gallery. The responsibility for ascertaining whether any such rights exist and for obtaining all necessary permissions remains with the applicant.

The museum reserves the right to refuse any requests and to impose such conditions as it may deem advisable in the best interest of the museum and its collections'.

Please send requests for photographs and inquiries for other information to
James M. Sousa, using the contact details provided. More Information

Online Presence

Complete Online Collection

Collection Items:

Photographic Material

Prints: 16


Books by Muybridge: 3

Books concerning Muybridge: 11

Exhibition Material

Catalogues: 10

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Addison Gallery of American Art,
Phillips Academy,
180 Main Street,
Andover, MA 01810-4161

Phone: +1 978-749-4015

Fax: +1 978-749-4025


Lead Contact:
James M. Sousa, Associate Registrar for Collections and Archives(

Open Hours:
The Addison Gallery will reopen in 2010 after renovation and expansion work is completed.

Accessibility of Muybridge Collections to Public:
Please call 978-749-4012 or e-mail
There may be a delay of 6 months or more to view artwork by request due to renovation and expansion. Please use the above contact for further information

The Addison Gallery's entire permanent collection is now online. The collection includes significant paintings, prints, works on paper, sculpture, decorative arts, and photography by generations of American artists from Colonial times to the present. The information found on this site changes regularly as new records and images are added.